Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Made Easy with Microsoft Excel

Start date: 28 May 2020

Duration: Thursday 10.00am-1.00pm

Location: Zoom Online

Cost: Fully Funded

Programme overview

To empower SME’s to get access to real-time, useful, actionable information to make fact-based business decisions.
To enhance Data Analysis and Business Intelligence skills of SME owners, leaders, managers and teams.
To help SME’s prosper and grow.
Course runs every Thursday 10.00am-1.00pm from May 28th - July 16th FULL ATTENDANCE REQUIRED
*Booking restrictions advised following booking*

Learning outcomes

  • Better, faster, smarter decision-making
  • Huge efficiency gains with automation of routine tasks, elimination of duplication and other time savings
  • Easy to understand visuals enabling you and your team to more easily interpret data and reach conclusions
  • Continuous access to powerful actionable insights
  • Understand what’s working and what’s not working
  • Predictive analytics that help you forecast changing customer demands and market trends
  • More empowered employees o Transparent  collaboration

Who is the course for

All Excel users; some basic Excel experience is preferable but all Excel users, even those  with significant experience, will benefit from learning about the “power-tools” in Excel.  Prior experience with Data Analysis or Business Intelligence is NOT required


  • Week 1 – Why Excel?
  • Week 2 – Excel Pivot Tables
  • Week 3 – Excel’s Power Query
  • Week 4 – Excel’s Power Pivot
  • Week 5 – Excel Dashboards (1)
  • Week 6 – Excel Dashboards (2)
  • Week 7 – Introduction to Power BI
  • Week 8 – Putting it all together

Trainer Profile

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Made Easy with Microsoft Excel

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