Communication & Negotiation Skills

Start date: 01 June 2022

Duration: 10.00am-1.00pm Online

Location: Online

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

Cost: €35 (members) €55 (non-members

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Programme overview

No matter where an employee falls in the organisational structure, communication skills are vital to succeed, lead. We all utilise communication skills every time we have a conversation, every time we send an email, and every time we use the phone.
Communication plays a role in every part of the business, from customer service to employee management, from entry-level employees all the way up to C-suite team members, and both internally and externally.
Businesses with effective communication skills have leaders who can provide consistent, timely, and honest information to their employees, help establish their company brand, and create messaging that aligns with the mission and culture of their company.
Securing negotiated agreements is fundamental to success in the business world. During this course, you will look the negotiation process; how to develop a negotiation strategy, bargain for agreement, close the deal and as a result strengthen your ability to secure negotiated agreements that last.
On completion, you will have a basic understanding of effective negotiation skills, communicate effectively and use techniques that will lead you to a win-win situation.

Learning outcomes

    – Mehrabian’s Communication Model
    – How to be Assertive
    – How to be Tactful
    – Active Listening
    – Body Language
    – Essential Negotiation Skills
    – Conflict management & Strategies to handle opposition
    – Setting Ground rules for negotiation
    – Exchanging information and bargaining for agreement
    – Win-Lose, Win-Win, Lose-Lose outcomes
    – Moving from bargaining to close.

Who is the course for

  • Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads. Anyone in a business responsible for a team of people or dealing with stakeholders.


  • Zoom Online, 3 hour session

Trainer Profile

  • Chris McDonagh, Senior Partner and Business Consultant with CMD Group is a much sought-after trainer and speaker in Ireland and the UK.
  • His motivation and enthusiasm together with his high energy level brings life to a classroom and energises the learners. His real-life experiences coupled with his thorough knowledge of the subject matter ensures all learners will gain an abundance of skills that will transfer to the workplace.
  • For the past 25 years he has built up a very successful training business in Ireland and the UK. His ability to reach out to everyone regardless of their position or status makes him a trainer of choice. Chris is a Director of the International Federation of Training & Development Organisations and represents Europe on the Board.

Communication & Negotiation Skills

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