The benefits of your
company joining Rural Enterprise Skillnet

Why Join?

Skillnet offer you the individual and you the company to upskill and benefit from subsidised training courses. As an individual, this may make you more employable, as a company you and your staff can be more productive, effective communicators and in general become more improved team members.

Rural Enterprise Skillnet support to network companies:

• Assist businesses to identify and address their skills needs
• Information regarding successful approaches to learning and talent development
• Flexible training programmes tailored to the needs of businesses in the region
• Guidance on achieving value for money when investing in learning and development
• Innovative new programme design and development
• Programmes for current and future leaders
• Certified and non-certified technical training
• Training relating to communication, problem-solving and other core skills
• Advice on gauging the effectiveness of training
• Access to a network of businesses within the region
• Conferences, seminars, and other informal learning and networking events

Who can join?

Anyone can join Rural Enterprise Skillnet and benefit from subsidised training courses specific to their industry, trade or sector. There is no cost for membership of Rural Enterprise Skillnet, membership is open to private sector companies based in Ireland. Sole Traders, Farmers, Small businesses etc.

How can I join?

The Best way to join Rural Enterprise Skillnet is to contact us during office hours.

Tel: 071 9858252

Or alternatively, you can use the green “Enquire Now” button at the bottom of the page, and fill in the form…


Gallaghers Bakery - By participating in Rural Enterprise Skillnet’s Supervisory Management Course, we are making informed decisions and learning to proactively engage with employees,which impacts on employee morale and increases our ability to deliver a better product to our customers.

Shane Clerkin

Human Resource Manager

Gallaghers Bakery - Rural Enterprise Skillnet’s Supervisory Management training exposed me to a number of areas such as performance management and conflict resolution techniques that will enhance my ability to identify, assess and improve my company’s business performance.

Igors Dedovs

Gallaghers Bakery

Abbey Tree Services - The instructors and course materials that came with Rural Enterprise Skillnet’s training in chainsaw, pruning, pole- saw and tree felling training, helped us establish best practice in our company. Moreover, it allowed us to develop an effective system to upskill our team who are now more motivated than ever.

Mark O Connor

Abbey Tree Services